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Soccer Player


These may include ligament injuries, cartilage tears, muscle and tendon strains, joint dislocations, Runner’s knee, shin splints and a whole host of other sports related conditions.


No matter what level of sport you participate in I have a wealth of experience to help get you back to where you want to be. A hands on approach can help alleviate the initial symptoms and settle your pain. It is important to help you understand how much you need to rest and allow the body’s natural healing to take place and when to step up your activity in a very progressive and safe way. Sports injuries are really no different to any other injury but it is important to understand what demands the injured tissues are going to be placed under when returning to sport. This will dictate the intensity and specificity of the rehabilitation programme necessary to make a full recovery. 


I have played sport all my life and am fully aware not only of the physical impact of injury but also the mental elements that go with being injured. Wherever possible I will always try to keep an athlete active wherever possible.


For all enquiries please use the details listed or:

07968 123036

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