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I have spent several years studying and reading about the skill, art and natural
instinct that we all have within us to run. I am in a privileged position where I
can combine something I love with the expertise I have gained over years
working as a physiotherapist.

Of recent time I have been influenced by the work of Helen Hall and her
philosophy and approach to running has resonated with me and it is through
her work that I have based how I work with runners.
There really is so much to explore so for a more in depth chat about this
approach and what I can offer please contact me. Some very simple things can
make a very big difference.


What's Included?

Ankle and Ligaments


I will provide a detailed report covering your current running style, flexibility and range of movement.

Breathing Meditation


I will provide you with techniques on how to use your breath effectively.



I will tailor your plan to achieve your goals and aspirations from our sessions.

Running in the City


Each session will encourage you to explore your own movement and also your bodies restrictions to help you grow.



6 one to one sessions of
60 minutes.


Digital Support

I will be on hand to provide regular email support throughout the course.

See below for a more detailed breakdown and my prices.

Start Your Journey Today!

Lady Running

Full Course - £300


Single hourly sessions are available at £60.


What to expect:


​6 one to one sessions of 60 minutes

Session 1: An introduction and finding out about you, your running journey (or not) so far and your goals and aspirations from coming to see me. On the practical side I will look at how you move with some basic strength, flexibility and movement screening. I will take a video recording of how you run and introduce you to the concepts of the approach and send you a detailed report of what I have found. 


Sessions 2-6: These will be very practically based.  Each session will encourage you to explore your own movement, feel your own restrictions and recognise the freedom that certain things can bring you. We will cover:


  • The importance of being vertical 

  • Track width of your feet and why having good space between them allows better weight shifts

  • Using hills as a training aid and how these can really help to optimise our powerhouse glute muscles

  • Using breath and exploring rotation 

  • Introducing concepts of speed

Within all of these areas there will be plenty for you to practice. The key principle is encouraging you to find out what works best for you. Your body knows exactly what to do, it built its programme in your developing childhood years, we just need to reignite those programmes (toddlers really are our best teachers!).


Sessions may have 3-4 weeks or more between them depending on how things are progressing. I will be available  to email at any point so that you will feel fully supported at all times.

Your commitment to the process is key!

There is no one size fits all approach to running and I intend to act merely as the guide to help you make the changes and get the most out of what is the most natural and simple form of exercise known to man. We are designed to run, we can run longer than any species, It’s what helped us to survive all those years ago. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat more about my running service. 

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