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Patient on crutches


I have had many years experience treating patients post surgery and have
developed good professional working relations with a variety of well renowned local orthopaedic consultants.

Surgery may include:

  • Joint replacements such as knee and hip

  • Ligament reconstructions such as ACL or ankle ligament stabilisation

  • Tendon repairs

  • Bunionectomies

  • Arthroscopic ( ‘keyhole’) surgery

  • Knee surgery such as meniscectomy

  • Fractures

  • Spinal surgery such as discectomy or fusions

  • Shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff repair, manipulation under anaesthetic, sub acromial decompression

Please get in touch if there is any other kind of post operative surgery you
would like to discuss.


For all enquiries please use the details listed or:

07968 123036

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