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Initial Assessment - £60

45 Minutes - 1 Hour

Physical Therapist

Follow Up Appointment - £50

30 Minutes


Sports Massage

1 Hour - £48

30 Minutes - £35

Working Out with a Physio Ball

Home Visit - £70

1 Hour


Running Clinic

Full Course (6 sessions) - £300

1 Session (60 Minutes) - £60

Insurance logos - AXa, Aviva, WPA, Vitality
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Terms and Conditions for Health Insurance


 I am  registered with Axa Health, Aviva, WPA, Bupa and Vitality.


I can usually process invoices electronically on your behalf. 

 Please note that due to increasing administrative difficulties with Vitality, any Vitality patients will be asked to pay up front for their treatment and can then claim back directly from Vitality themselves using the receipts we can provide. I feel that this will be a more straight forward claim process for you.

Please bring all your policy details with you and be aware of any policy benefits before your appointment.




  •   To be able to invoice the relevant insurance provider for the cost of your treatment you need to provide your membership number (and authorisation code if used) before treatment starts. I will require this information to automatically process claims on your behalf. You will need to pay the self pay rate until this information is provided and will not receive a refund of any self funded payments made before this time.

  •   You, the patient are responsible for any payments declined by their insurance company or any other funder.

  •   It is important to note that if you decide to then retrospectively claim funds back from your insurer yourself, some insurance companies do not reimburse our full self pay rate charged at Sequoia Physiotherapy.

  •  After I send off the invoice for your treatment, we are then notified by your insurer if any excess payment is due on your policy. They will tell me if your allowance has been exhausted or my claim has been rejected for whatever reason. If the payment is not going to be fulfilled by the insurer - any fees due will be invoiced directly to you. This could be all or part of the invoice amount. I will send you a letter asking for the amount specified by the insurer with reference to the invoice number for the treatment date claimed. Patient's are wholly responsible for covering these shortfalls in full and will be invoiced directly for them. 

  •   Please be aware that some insurance providers do not have a fee agreement with Sequoia Physiotherapy so your policy may not cover the full costs of clinic rates and any shortfalls in these rates are your responsibility. 

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